Fibre reinforced plastics FRP are materials of the future. They offer an excellent balance between weight and stiffness.

KRAIBON® specially developed elastomer compounds, are able to improve the features of FRP.

KRAIBON® is directly integrated into the fibre reinforced plastics and chemical crosslinks with the resin.

KRAIBON® - Featherlight acoustic damping for Composites

Lightweight construction is a central element in the production of modern vehicles. However, the comfort requirements of customers must not be compromised. Loud, uncomfortable vehicles sell poorly. There are various approaches to address the problem NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness). Heavy layer mats are normally used. However, it is obvious from the term ‚heavy layered‘, that this approach is not very coherent with lightweight construction.
KRAIBON® combines lightweight construction and comfort.

KRAIBON®- Impact and splintering protection for composites

Fiber-reinforced plastics are light, but they lack durability.
One way around this problem is the design of structures to exceed the primary requirement. Another approach
is protection with additionally applied films or the integration of expensive high-performance textiles.
All approaches, however, have the side effect of increased weight and/ or price.

With the integration of KRAIBON® a clear enhancement of damage tolerance can be achieved without necessitating an increase in weight or cost.

Fracture behaviour

While breaking, carbon fibre composites can shatter, producing tiny splinters and dangerous sharp edges. This results in an increasing risk of injury, for example to passengers or pedestrians in the event of a car accident. This risk can be reduced by integrating KRAIBON® into the material.The rubber layer bonds firmly with the fibre composite component and prevents splinters. The integration KRAIBON® can be compared with the concept of shatter-proof glass.

Further Applications - Integration of flexible sections

Parts that combine fibre composite parts with rubberized fabric open up new possibilities for innovative functions. While the fabric is protected by KRAIBON®, it remains extremely flexible. At the same time, KRAIBON® ensures firm´bonding with the CFRP-part. This approach allows the production in a single production process of complex parts that combine rigid and flexible sections. Apart from functional integration (see picture to the left), it is also possible to modify the bending stiffness of a product by using CFRP laminate structures.

CFRP- Rubber - Metal hybrid composites

For certain applications standard CFRP components do not meet the requirements: In many cases, CFRP is still simply too expensive to be considered for commercial serial production. The use of hybrid materials made with CFRP and metal can offer a solution here.However, the fact that metals and CFRPs have different thermal expansion properties poses a challenge. While metals tend to expand significantly at high temperatures, CFRPs show practically no change in volume. This leads to great interface tension (where normally an adhesive film is in use). Therefore the use of KRAIBON® is a great advantage regarding the life time of the part and its reliability. KRAIBURG is currently researching the possibility of producing durable CFRP-rubber-metal hybrid parts in a single production process.

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