In addition to MAPLAN Rubber Injection Moulding machines Maplan UK are also agents in the United Kingdom and Ireland for the following companies....

WICKERT Presstech - Hydraulic Presses for all applications

MEWO - Cryogenic Media-Blasting machines and Washing systems for deflashing rubber, plastic & non-ferrous metals components

CRYOBLAST - Plastic media for cryogenic deflashing equipment

ASPEM - Cold Runner Blocks

KRAIBON - Rubber that improves composites

KRAIBURG - Rubber Compunds

  • MEWO Cryogenic deflashing Machines

    Mewo Cryogenic Machines for Rubber, Plastic and NF-Metal parts. Our systems, developed technologies and well-established customer-specific specialist solutions are used worldwide for the cryogenic processing of seals and moulded parts and some of them have even been in use on a global level for a number of decades.

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  • Kraibon - Rubber Improves Composites

    Fibre reinforced plastics FRP are materials of the future. They offer an excellent balance between weight and stiffness. KRAIBON® specially developed elastomer compounds, are able to improve the features of FRP. KRAIBON® is directly integrated into the fibre reinforced plastics and chemical crosslinks with the resin.

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