In addition to MAPLAN Rubber Injection Moulding machines Maplan UK are also agents in the United Kingdom and Ireland for the following companies....

WICKERT Presstech - Hydraulic Presses for all applications

MEWO - Cryogenic Media-Blasting machines and Washing systems for deflashing rubber, plastic & non-ferrous metals components

CRYOBLAST - Plastic media for cryogenic deflashing equipment

ASPEM - Cold Runner Blocks

KRAIBON - Rubber that improves composites

KRAIBURG - Rubber Compunds

  • MEWO Cryogenic deflashing Machines

    Mewo Cryogenic Machines for Rubber, Plastic and NF-Metal parts. Our systems, developed technologies and well-established customer-specific specialist solutions are used worldwide for the cryogenic processing of seals and moulded parts and some of them have even been in use on a global level for a number of decades.

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  • Cryoblast - Plastic media for cryogenic deflashing

    Cryoblast Deflashing UK Limited is dedicated to precision manufacturing and quality of service. We are based in the UK and manufacture plastic media to be used in conjunction with the World’s leading cryogenic deflashing equipment.

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  • Kraiburg Compounds

    Since 1947, Gummiwerk KRAIBURG has been a manufacturer of top quality technical rubber compounds. The company currently employs about 400 people and produces a larger range of compounds than any other compounder in Europe. Our technically advanced compounds are used in the automotive industry, for rubberised rollers of any type and a number of other industrial applications including machine production and construction. KRAIBURG compounds are also widely used for drinking water systems and in the food processing industry.

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