The MAPLAN vertical machines are qualified to produce all kinds of rubber mould types, especially rubber combination parts like rubber/metal parts. Via using appropriate peripheral equipments, for instance shuttle systems, it is possible to automate the extracting process of the rubber parts.

MAPLAN offers a variety of clamping- and rubber injection unit combinations, beginning with small 80 t clamping units with 400 cm³ injection units up to 1000 t clamping units with 26000 cm³ rubber injection units. (standard versions).

Optimal performance and energy Efficiency for the production of rubber mould and silicone parts, Minimal footprint , Maplan FIFO Rubber injection unit with short nozzle

Vertical machine for processing rubber and silicone.

A machine concept based on the latest technological innovation that sets new standards as regards performance and economy. The latest milestone in the development of a longstanding and successful machine series.
The Maplan FIFO rubber injection unit represents optimal reproducibilty, efficiency and ergonomics for the production of technical moulded rubber parts.

Product range

Production of highly precise moulded parts which are made of rubber and silicone with a dosage volume of up to 8600 cm³.


Cool Drive II energy saving servo-hydraulic drive system for energy-efficient and highly dynamic production in all editionS types.

The one and only plane-parallel

Optimal mould clamping by eliminating deflection of the fixed plate injection side, maximal plate support by the massive clamp piston.

Control technology

The PC5000touch control with intuitive touch screen interface opens up new dimensions in the optimization of the injection moulding process

The Maplan FIFO Rubber injection unit

  • High precision FIFO injection unit
  • Short nozzle for max. injection pressure directly into the mould or cold runner
  • Cooled nozzle - no nozzle retraction necessary
  • Easy changing and cleaning of materials
  • With available dosing volumes of 130 to 8600 cm3
  • Oil temperature control for plasticising unit, injection chamber and nozzle
  • Constant L/D ratio

Standard equipment

  • Microprocessor-control PC5000touch
  • Energy saving Servo-hydraulic Cool Drive II system*
  • Energy saving hydraulic pump with proportional pressure/flow control**
  • Electronic linear positioning system for clamping unit, injection unit, and ejectors on both injection and clamping sides
  • Dual circuit cooling unit (thermo oil) for plasticising cylinder and injection chamber
  • Strip intake control*
  • Precise volume control of injection unit
  • Optimized heating cartridges*
  • Wear-free heating control with solid state relays, heating plates insulated on outside edges
  • Operator control unit with adjustable angle and height
  • System pressure sensor, clamp force sensor*, backpressure sensor*
  • Large heating plates and clear width, hence more cavities and easy demoulding
  • Generously dimensioned clamping unit for flashless production
  • Casing concept with integrated light curtain for the highest safety and ergonomics


  • Hydraulic ejector on injection and/or clamping side
  • Central ejector (hydraulic or pneumatic)*
  • Heating and cooling devices for plasticising cylinder


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