Clamp Units

The task of the clamping unit of a rubber injection moulding machine lies in its safe and powerful holding together of the tool whereby an even transfer of force over the entire area of the clamping plates is guaranteed. In order to meet this requirement, the Maplan clamping systems use the holding capacity of the massive hydraulic cylinders which are directly located within the range of the machine axis.

Maplan machines are available in both fully hydraulic and hydro-mechanical designs as well as in C-frame design. Our clamping systems have a clamping force range of 150 kN toabove 10,000kN

Both the fully hydraulic clamping units which have been proven through decades and the clamping units of the ergonomic series provide support to the clamping plates via the generous dimensions of the hydraulic cylinders .



  • Fully Hydraulic Clamp Unit

    The fully hydraulic clamping unit distinguishes itself especially by its high stability and the extensive support to the cavity surface area which nearly compensates for the bending of the plates in connection with the Maplan FIFO rubber injection unit. Thus the best preconditions are given for burr-free and high precision manufacturing

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  • Ergonomic Clamp Unit

    The hydro-mechanical Maplan ergo clamping unit offers an ergonomic operating height and an extensive support to the clamping surface, alongside such advantages of the classical fully hydraulic clamping system as high stability, fast process times by means of separate rapid motion cylinders, maintainability and reliability

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  • C-Frame Clamp Unit

    The fully hydraulic clamping unit in combination with a rigid C-frame structure for the disposal of the clamping force gives the operator, by means of tiebarless implementation, free access from three sides and a fast tool change. These installations are used for the production of corner connections, hoses, rubber profiles and small to the smallest molded rubber parts.

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