Cure2 Process Optimisation System

Cure² strives for an ideal which is that, by largely reducing the incubation potential of a rubber mixture and ensuring the highest possible temperature for the initial mass entering the cavity of a tool, the vulcanization process in all areas of the moulded part begins simultaneously and is processed almost at the same time without being affected by problems concerning thermal conductivity. This then results in the shortest possible vulcanization time.

Cure² pulls all stages of material feeding to entering the cavity via the plastification unit together in one optimisation procedure. This is possible because by means of the system, the processes are transparent and the state of the material in every stage is known. It is possible that only under this condition can the current safety cushion be significantly reduced and be adjusted to new conditions. The clear mapping of the actual process in its entirety is the basis of its optimization. The Maplan control system PC5000touch in conjunction with the CAS process calculator meets all the requirements and allows the optimal machine settings to be reached in a short time after the machine has started and also allows adjustment to changing external influences during fully automatic production.
There is a high level of transparency in the processing process through using this process model, which helps the user to optimize the process. The purpose of this optimization is to first minimize the "historic" security margins, and then to achieve distribution of the existing degree of connectedness (= mechanical quality of moulded parts) in another way and in shorter period of time.

The basis of process optimization lies in using Maplan FIFO rubber injection unit which provides short flow paths and thus reduces loss of pressure. This injection power reserve enables the introduction of heat to the nearby targeted cavity by dissipation. This task is also supported by the use of tempering ducts with adjustable cross-section of the nozzle.

According to experience, Cure2 can increase productivity by 20 to over 50%.