The company MEWO GmbH, has been a manufacturer of cryogenic deburring/deflashing machines for the rubber, plastic and NF-metal industry for over 70 years!

The process of cryogenic deburring/deflashing involves using a combination of liquid nitrogen and plastic granulate to remove burrs from moulded components. This gives the components the desired final installation quality. Cryogenic deburring/deflashing guarantees a precise, reproducible, even and clean finish at any time. It has no impact whatsoever on the colouring, shape, surface properties or material characteristics of the components treated.

Our systems, developed technologies and well-established customer-specific specialist solutions are used worldwide for the cryogenic processing of seals and moulded parts and some of them have even been in use on a global level for a number of decades.

At our in-house ECO Technical Centre, we offer our customers the opportunity to conduct test runs for conventional component requirements or to work together with us to develop individual solutions for extraordinary problems and test these solutions in practice.

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