State of the art control technology for injection moulding machines, easy operation, superior diagnostic funcionality, high precision, best repeatability

PC5000touch Control technology

One control generation for all Maplan injection moulding machine series and conversion kits. Highest precision and easy operation for efficient injection moulding.


for C-frame machine series and PC5000touch for T-bar machines with clamping forces up to 10,000 kN.


The refurbishing solution for indestructible machines made by Maplan

State of the art safety technology.

Thoroughgoing reliability and safety for machine and operator.

Maplan diagnostic

easy diagnostic by estimation of prompt measures and instructions for the operating personnel, electric and hydraulic plans on display.


  • Maplan "Cure²"-Interface*
  • Graphic display of injection pressure, injection speed, injection power, clamp pressure* and cover curve function
  • Transfer moulding
  • Maplan Transfergraph - graphic display of the transfer process
  • Trendgraph - function, multiple signal curves per chart, 10 charts are available
  • Closed loop for injection speed, screw speed and back pressure
  • Switch to holding pressure via cavity pressure sensor*
  • Mould opening with ejectors
  • Over pressing ejectors
  • Additional temperature zones
  • Heat current control (with teach-in-function)
  • Control of additional machine equipment
  • Control of different shut off nozzle systems
  • EUROMAP interfaces
  • Logical movements
  • Logical servo axis

* not available with Maplan "edition" series

Standard equipment


  • Powerful modular designed hardware, incl. flash disc
  • Deterministic multitasking PLC system
  • Solid State Relays for all heating zones
  • "Full Size" switch panel for all manual movements
  • USB stick for data archive and user code


  • Clear presentation - ergonomic working
  • Cycle configuration in graphic display
  • Hot Key bar for all important machine functions (pages) provides direct page access
  • Parameter input in physical values
  • Switch to 3 different languages
  • Access authority through key switch, Code or USB-stick
  • Maintenance program
  • Alarm system, Alarm archive
  • Integration of user manual, electric plan and mechanic drawings (Hydraulic drawings) in the control surface
  • Scalability - Integration of complex automations are possible
  • Up to 4 individual customer pages for parameter input and actual parameter Display


  • PDC functions


  • CMI/OMI - cycle adjustable
  • Free, graphic cycle configuration
  • Support of up to 4 parallel cycles
  • Automatic motion to start position


  • 10-step injection speed
  • 8-step holding pressure
  • Switch to holding pressure via position or hydraulic pressure
  • Plasticising ramp for exact shot volume
  • Electronic back pressure adjustment*
  • Full-controlled back pressure*
  • 3 closing speeds
  • 3 opening speeds
  • Mould protection


Temperature zones with self-optimising PID controller
Heating circuit on timer clock
On/Off delay for the cooling units
Emergency cooling program

EJECTORS (if available)

  • Ejector stroke measurement incl. speed
PC5000 Touch