Injection moulding machines for processing thermoplastic Elastomers, highest product quality, user friendly, low maintenance

Maplan injection moulding machines for processing thermoplastic elastomers (TPE).

The compact design ensures the highest degree of precision, reproducibility and ease of maintenance. The proven injection unit concept features integrated hydraulics and hydraulic direct drive of the screw.

TPE injection unit

The TPE technology for cost-effective production of thermoplastic elastomer parts. Technological leadership, ease of operation and maintenance, highest precision, compact design.

Product range

Production of moulded parts from TPE (ThermoPlastic Elastomers) at injection volumes up to 144 cm3.


Most modern FEM calculations help optimise the machine's base frame to achieve max. rigidity and thus minimal bending. The symmetrical arrangement of the nozzle carriage cylinders guarantees torquefree nozzle contact with the mould.

Process technology

Superior melt homogeneity due to constant L/D ratio of 22:1 and high injection pressures up to 3000 bar.

Control technology

The PC50touch control with intuitive touch screen interface opens up new dimensions in optimising the injection moulding process.

Standard equipment

  • Microprocessor-control PC50touch
  • Energy saving Maplan Cool Drive - system
  • Linear positioning system for clamp and injection unit, and ejector on both injection and clamping sides
  • Clamp plates with EUROMAP
  • 4 cooling circuits (3 user-specific adaptable)
  • 2-hand operation
  • Electric backpressure
  • Fully controlled injection process
  • Compact design
  • Hydraulic retractable injection unit
  • Constant L/D ratio
  • Hydraulic direct driven screw


  • Hydraulic ejector on injection and/or clamping side
  • Central ejector on clamping side
  • Pneumatically operated safety gate
  • Vacuum pump
  • Electronic monitoring of oil temperature
  • Electronic monitoring of oil level
  • Electronic monitoring of oil filtering
  • Customer-specific machine nozzles
  • Shut-off nozzle
  • Material feeding systems

Other options can be requested

All models are also available with FIFO rubber injection unit