Jakob WICKERT, a skilled artistic metalworker master, founded the J. WICKERT machine factory in Landau on 4t' May 1901. Together with 8 journeymen and 5 apprentices he began to build presses. What could be more natural in today's largest winegrowing community in Germany than to develop and produce presses for the wine and fruit growing industries?

The hydraulic down-stroke wine press brought out in June 1938 for example shows that WICKERT presses have always fulfilled the highest standards. The spindle wine presses available in different sizes were also fitted with modern hydraulic pressing mechanisms. Right from the beginning Jacob WICKERT gave great thought to how his experience in press construction could be applied to other fields. 1939 saw the development of drainage presses for cotton. By 1948 the dellvery scope had expanded to basically include the range that is still valid today.


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