The MAPLAN FIFO rubber injection unit has been proven for many years and is still the unsurpassed component of MAPLAN rubber injection moulding machines. Decisive advantages lie in the brilliant simplicity of their structure, and the performance and accuracy of the system. The MAPLAN FIFO rubber injection unit allows an injection pressure of up to 2,500 bar on the tool with the aid of an extremely short nozzle and minimal pressure drop.

Standard sizes of the Maplan FIFO rubber injection unit range between 400cm³ - 8,600cm³. Smaller units (10cm³ - 200cm³) and larger units (11,500cm³ - 26,400cm³) are also available on request from the standard program.In addition to the processing of classical elastomers, the Maplan FIFO injection units with optional accessories are also suitable for the processing of solid silicone and even liquid silicone.

The essential features of the injection unit are:

  • The first material which will be plasticized in the injection chamber is the first to be injected. Because of minimal retention time in the injection chamber and the deflectionless short nozzle, the material can be processed in a very high temperature. Therefore, the heating time and the cycle time can be reduced, and so productivity can be increased. Ideally, the Maplan Cure² system is used for process optimization.
  • The distance between the injection chamber and the mould is minimised resulting in no deflection. Therefore, pressure drop of the injection chamber in the mould is very slight.
  • Cleaning of the injection unit or changing material can be done within a short period of time because of easy access and the undercutting check valve. If the material is vulcanized in the injection chamber, the cleaning process proceeds as follows:
    • Drive injection unit into cleaning position
    • Continue to plasticize some material
    • Peel off the vulcanized material from the tip of the check valve

Likewise, cleaning is done at the end of a shift or during the changing of material.

The Maplan FIFO injection units with nozzle withdrawal are also available in the usual sizes.

High reproducibility of dosing volume has been certified by the Austrian Plastics Institute.